In The Press
  • Elevayta Convo Boy featured in Computer Music magazine - CM95, January 2006.
  • Elevayta Extra Boy featured in Future Music magazine - FM164, August 2005.
  • Elevayta Extra Boy featured in Music Tech magazine - July 2005.
  • Elevayta Space Boy featured in Computer Music magazine - Issue 77, September 2004.
  • Elevayta plug-ins featured in Raveline magazine - NR. 139, October 2004.
  • Elevayta Wide Boy featured in Digital Music Maker 'Mixing' Special - Spring, 2004.
  • Elevayta music track 'Utopia' featured in Computer Music magazine - Issue 71, April 2004.
Copyright Statement
The following items, logos and mottos:
  • Elevayta
  • Elevayta Inc.
  • Elevayta Music Inc.
  • Sophistication Simplified!
  • Wide Boy VST
  • Wider Boy VST
  • Wider Boy Pro VST
  • Clone Boy VST
  • FreEq Boy VST
  • Choir Boy VST
  • Space Boy VST
  • Convo Boy VST
  • Deck Boy VST
  • Track Boy VST
  • Extra Boy VST
  • Extra Boy Pro VST
  • Best Boy VST
  • Mute Boy VST
  • Line Boy VST
  • Out Boy VST
  • Stream Boy VST
  • Del Boy VST
  • Klean Boy VST
  • Scope Boy VST
  • Elevayta VST Rak
  • Elevayta Player Boy
  • Elevayta Wamp Boy

plus all the original music, artwork and software available on this site are the exclusive copyright of Paul R. Harvey. This includes icons and banners. No copying, redistribution or reproduction without permission.

Product Release History

Name First Release Current Version
'Wamp Boy' 3rd February 2008 V1.00
'Player Boy' 20th January 2008 V1.02
'Klean Boy' 12th December 2007 V5.04
'Elevayta VST Rak' 13th February 2006 V1.22
'Del Boy' 20th January 2006 V4.00
'Extra Boy Pro' 9th January 2006 V5.02
Productivity Tools 22nd December 2005 V2.20
Creativity Tools 21st December 2005 V2.20
'Stream Boy' 7th December 2005 V5.02
'Extra Boy' 17th March 2005 V1.14
'Convo Boy' 24th December 2004 V1.03/V5.02
'Space Boy' 27th July 2004 V5.04
'Choir Boy' 11th July 2004 V5.02
'FreEq Boy' 22nd April 2004 V5.02
'Clone Boy' 18th March 2004 V5.02
'Wider Boy Pro' 14th February 2004 V5.02
'Wider Boy' 24th January 2004 V2.04
'Wide Boy' 26th December 2003 V1.15

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