Elevayta Wider Boy Pro

Latest Version: 5.02

Wider Boy Pro is a stereo enhancer insert and mastering effect. Unlike most other stereo enhancers, Wider Boy Pro uses the fact that low frequencies are less directional than higher frequencies. By separating out the two frequency bands, and selectively applying different processing to Bass and Treble, Wider Boy Pro realizes a wider stereo sound without losing the punch of the bass. The parameter range and flexibility also provides the possibility to generate a number of interesting additional effects.


  • Full parameter automation capabilities within compliant host applications
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) design.
  • 32-Bit processing throughout.
  • 'Midi Sync' option enables 'Note-On' control of High and Bass pan.
  • 'Bounce Mode' provides 4 different 'Midi Sync' modes for 'Stereo-Basis' panning:
    1. Bounce High Only.
    2. Bounce Bass Only.
    3. Bass and High in-phase.
    4. Bass and High anti-phase.
  • 'Bounce Slope' for complete control of Midi transitions in 'Bounce Mode' (prevents audio clicks).
  • The all new 'Wider Boy Pro' algorithm.
  • Auto-detect host sample rate.
  • Panning functionality for High frequencies independent of Bass.
  • Humidity control:- A Dry to Wet slider. 100% Wet is the processed signal only.
  • Mode:- Provides 5 output modes:
    1. Classic - The original 'Wide Boy' sound.
    2. Toast - Even warmer and richer (my favorite).
    3. Boost C - 'Wide Boy' with boosted high frequency.
    4. Desert - A flatter restrained mix.
    5. Thru Pan - Passes the input to output via the High Pan slider (for Midi features).
  • 'Spectral Pivot' frequency extended to a maximum of 2 kHz.
  • 'High' button:- switch everything above the spectral pivot frequency on/off. Great for effects and checking spectral content.
  • 'Bass' button:- switch everything below the spectral pivot frequency on/off. Great for effects and checking spectral content.
  • 'Boost Wide':- provides further widening of the soundstage under any mode.
  • 'Mono Bass':- enables to collapse everything below the pivot frequency to mono.
  • 'Pivot Mode':- determines the transition width between Bass and High frequencies.
System Requirements
  • Windows 98 up to Windows 8. 32-Bit only.
  • About 1 MB of harddisk space.
  • 1+ GHz processor.
  • Audio application supporting VST plug-ins.
Demo Limitations

You get a 14 day trial period with full functionality.



Note: A 25% discount is available on this plug-in when purchased as part of the Elevayta Creativity Tools bundle.

Refund Policy: We do not consider refund requests for products bought by mistake or products bought without trial (demo).

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