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Latest Version: 5.04

'Klean Boy' is a tool that can be used to reduce broadband noise and hum from stereo digital recordings. Typical applications include restoration of audio from tape recordings and vinyl. Where most other similar tools require to learn the noise floor before correction can begin, 'Klean Boy' provides a choice between manual sampling of the noise floor or fully automatic continuous and adaptive extraction of the noise floor. The automatic extraction mode provides the advantage that it can be used on material where no easy sampling of the noise is possible.

It is common in such applications that the noise reduction process also removes a considerable portion of the signal of interest. 'Klean Boy' provides a number of proprietary algorithms that are designed to ensure the noise is reduced while leaving as much of the signal as possible. Control of key parameters enables optimization to a broad range of material.

Above all, 'Klean Boy' is designed to be easy and intuitive to use.

Check out these short demos:

Original vinyl recording (mp3)

Vinyl recording after Klean Boy (mp3)
(Process C, Reduction 60%, Baseline 0 dB)

Original tape recording (mp3)

Tape recording after Klean Boy V1.0 (mp3)
(Process C, Reduction 60%, Baseline 0 dB)

Tape recording after Klean Boy V2.0 (mp3)
(Process A, Reduction 90%, Baseline +2 dB)


  • Manual or fully Automatic high quality broadband noise and hum reduction from any stereo digital audio material.
  • Floating point signal processing with Oversampling.
  • Manual mode for use when a noise floor sample is available or preferred.
  • Fully Automatic mode learns and adapts the noise floor in real time, extracting the noise floor even from the signal of interest.
  • A choice of 4 noise reduction algorithms.
  • Elevayta's unique 7 band panning EQ.
  • Full flexibility over key processing parameters enables easy optimization to suite material.
  • Tools tips and context sensitive GUI.
  • Full PDC Compensation (in compatible hosts).
  • Instructions included.
System Requirements
  • Windows 98 up to Windows 8. 32-Bit only.
  • About 1 MB of harddisk space.
  • 1+ GHz processor.
  • Audio application supporting VST plug-ins.
Demo Limitations

You get a 14 day trial period with full functionality and periodic blanking of audio output.



Note: Special introductory price. Normal price is $39.95.

Refund Policy: We do not consider refund requests for products bought by mistake or products bought without trial (demo).

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