Elevayta Wamp Boy New!

Latest Version: 1.00

'Wamp Boy' is a plug-in for the Winamp application that enables playback and processing of all your audio files through Elevayta plug-ins! Simply load 'Wamp Boy' as a plug-in in Winamp. Winamp then acts as your audio engine and is fully controlled from within 'Wamp Boy'. 'Wamp Boy' automatically imports the Winamp playlist and provides real-time control of playback, recording and track selection. Load your favourite Elevayta VST plug-ins into 'Wamp Boy' and process your audio collection, writing the processed tracks to a file at the location of your choice. 'Wamp Boy' plays and processes ALL audio file types supported by Winamp and records processed tracks in .wav format.

Note: Elevayta VST plug-ins for use in 'Wamp Boy' must be downloaded/bought separately.


  • A dedicated plug-in for hosting Elevayta VST plug-ins in Winamp
  • Works with ALL Elevayta plug-ins, demos, lite & products.
  • Processes and records from any audio format supported by Winamp to .wav format files.
  • Real-time control of Winamp from within 'Wamp Boy'.
  • Master volume and balance.
  • 16, 24 or 32 bit Stereo or Mono recording of processed audio.
  • Button for bypass of VST processing.
  • Button for mute of audio output.
  • Settings preserved between sessions.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
System Requirements
  • Winamp must be installed before installing 'Wamp Boy'
  • Windows 98 up to Windows 8. 32-Bit only.
  • About 1 MB of harddisk space.
  • 1+ GHz processor.
Demo Limitations




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