Elevayta Clone Boy

Latest Version: 5.02

Clone Boy is a real-time Spectral Cloning effect. Clone Boy is intended to be used in pairs. Two instances of Clone Boy communicate in real-time. The first instance when inserted, say, on audio track 1, acts as a transmitter and transmits the spectral signature of the audio on that track to the second instance of Clone Boy. The second instance of Clone Boy when inserted on, say, track 2, acts as a Receiver. The second instance receives the spectral signature from track 1 and applies it, in real-time, to the audio on track 2. Voila! The audio on track 2 now has the spectral characteristics of the audio on track 1, but with its original pitch, melody and dynamics.


  • Unique communicating Transmit/Receive context sensitive plug-in pair.
  • Multi-Channel capability (up to two independent channels).
  • Native assembler code audio processing to provide significantly reduced CPU load.
  • High resolution FFT (at reduced CPU load).
  • 'Mute' button for Tx mode - Context dependent button.
  • 'Smooth' filter provides low pass filter of Spectrum coefficients - useful when spectrums from Tx and Rx don't overlap.
  • 'Squelch' control - The 'Squelch' slider provides the possibility to mute the output from the Rx channel when the input on the Tx channel goes below the preset level. This functionality is particularly useful in the case that the Tx channel provides only an intermittent signal and processing of the Rx channel is not desired during this time. Use of 'Squelch' can avoid the need to gate the Tx channel and also avoids possible noise contamination when there is no Tx input.
  • CPU saver - Automatic reduction on CPU usage when Tx channel goes below the preset threshold (works in conjunction with 'Squelch').
  • 'Latency Fix' option.
  • Full latency compensation.
  • Miscellaneous additional refinements and optimizations.
System Requirements
  • Windows 98 up to Windows 8. 32-Bit only.
  • About 1 MB of harddisk space.
  • 1+ GHz processor.
  • Audio application supporting VST plug-ins.
Demo Limitations

You get a 14 day trial period with full functionality.



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Refund Policy: We do not consider refund requests for products bought by mistake or products bought without trial (demo).

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